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Stainless Gearboxes Ltd.

was created to cover the need for stainless steel, washdown tolerant gearboxes and electric motors in the food processing industry. The development of the stainless steel gearboxes is part of the continuous effort to provide solutions and suggestions compatible with the high hygiene standards and the demands arising in modern food processing industries.

Fields of application for our products are companies which have to conform to the GHP - Good Hygiene Practices, GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points regulations, as well as situations with special requirements regarding hygiene and cleaning or extremely humid environments.


For instance:

We provide top class made in Europe equipment to cover the needs of food processing industries and food processing machinery OEMs.

Our team of engineers can provide full assistance concerning design, customized solutions and specialized needs. Feel free to contact us and find the optimum solution that will upgrade your production line to the highest hygiene level.